How to Import From China Successfully

Importing products directly from Chinese factories and selling them in your home country with a large margin: this can be a profitable way of doing business. However, buying wholesale goods in China is not as easy as going to the store just down the street. Remember, you are doing business with people halfway across the world, and there are many risks involved.

Importing from China is a long process, easily taking months from the initial search for a supplier until you receive the goods on your doorstep. You will have to buy bulk to make the investment worthwhile. When your container finally arrives the last thing you want is to find unsellable products!

Minimize the risks that come with importing from China by following the following steps:

Step 1: Plan

One thing that is very importing when importing from China is to make a proper plan. Don’t just place an order and wait for the best; you are very likely to end up with faulty products, or with no products at all. Your product may have to comply with certain health and safety standards to be allowed to be sold in your home country, research this first. Secondly, write down all the requirements you have yourself, what should the size of the product be? Which materials should be used? Be very specific and make sure every single detail is thought through; this can save you many problems later on. As part of your plan also calculate your total landing costs to see whether to import from China makes sense financially.

Step 2: Find

There are thousands of Chinese suppliers, but finding the right one can take some time. There are websites where Chinese suppliers present their products, alibaba.com being the most famous one, but there is also dhgate.com. Visit a trade show to meet many possible suppliers in the same place. Or hire sourcing assistance that can help on the ground with finding a suitable supplier. Unfortunately, there are many cheaters actively trying to trick foreign buyers into paying for goods they will never receive. Therefore, how you end up finding your supplier does not matter, as long as you get your supplier checked before you place an order.

The best hands-on way to find a supplier is to visit the Canton Fair. The great thing about this process is that you get to find products that are new and not yet listed on sourcing websites like Alibaba. Also, you can talk to the suppliers directly and get a much better price and quality than you would get otherwise. For us, this has become the prime way of finding new products to source, so we encourage you to take the leap at some point!

Step 3: Buy

Once you found a reliable supplier who can supply the product you want, you can continue to negotiate the price and to sign a purchase order. Decide on which paying method you will use, and discuss the payment terms.

Step 4: Check

Now that you placed the order and made an upfront payment do not relax yet. In China manufacturers generally work on tiny margins, and there is a significant share of the supplier who won’t shy away from cuttings costs even if it means lowering the quality standards. Receiving good quality products is, therefore, your responsibility! Has a proper quality control done, at least once, during the production process?

Step 5: Send

As your production is in the process, you can continue to arrange the logistics. When shipping products internationally, either by air or by sea, there will always be a lot of paperwork involved.First of all, contact your local customs bureau to find out about the import duties and other import fees which you might have to pay. Then contact a freight forwarder or logistics expert like asialinkimport.de – China import who can arrange the complete shipping and customs process for you. Here is their Yellowmap listing for asien import. Look around before committing to one freight forwarder as there is a lot of competition and price of shipping is highly flexible.

The Logos Import Series

Hello and welcome back to the restart of our China import blog. My name is Peter Logos and I want to let you know of a few things we have planned here for the next few weeks.

As you may remember from our old blog, we talk about product sourcing from Asia for use on FBA, Shopify, and other types of online store platforms. It has become very popular these days to get into this type of business, so we want to create a series of posts on how to find suppliers to source from and how to get it best to your own country (or wherever you want to sell it from)!

We’re excited to bring this to our readers out there and until then, check out this great video on the topic!